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 Our Home Studio operates within a 50 mile radius, or further if required and our Landscapes offer an eclectic mix, with an international flavour. Our aim is to continually add to our portfolio, keeping it alive and fresh with vibrant new images.

Director of photography, Keith

Our Director of Photography, Keith, is also a Civil Engineer and in consequence of this he is well travelled; and always close to his trusty Pentax. Given his first camera at the age of eleven, a 120 roll film pin hole Kodak, he was straight into making black and white contact prints. By the age of seventeen he had converted an old coal shed into a darkroom and was developing and printing black and white images with gusto. Over the years he has seen great developments, single lens reflex cameras, reliable colour film, integrated range finders and exposure metres; and more recently the advent of digital photography.

Business Development & Administrative Director, Wendy

Business Development and Administrative Director, is a School Teacher by profession, an avid reader and Movie buff. She keeps the business well grounded with her highly structured and common sense approach. Her teaching background enables her to develop the business in a controlled way and so is easily able to keep naughty (photographer) boys in line.

Creative Director, Rebecca

Our Creative Director, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Technical Theatre, specialising in costume design and has worked in the West End and several provincial theatres. She also has considerable experience in merchandising and display. She is heavily involved in the studio work, particularly the fantasy shoots and makeovers, and has full control over costumes and set design.

Our Gallery Curator, Cheri

Our Gallery Curator has a passion for the Arts; with a life-long love of books and painting, coupled with a naturally vivacious personality, she is ideally suited to curate our Gallery. She also devises and organizes our events and exhibitions and controls the day to day running of the studio.

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